Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Paulo Coehlo quote

"To say "no" is painful, but much better than a "yes" that brings regrets."
- Paulo Coehlo

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Break The Cycle of Failure

Break the cycle of failure by doing something extraordinary. Thomas A Edison kept going when he was working on inventing the light bulb. He could have given up and where would that leave us today? Fortunately, he kept finding ways that did not work, did not produce the result he wanted. With every failure, he knew he was one step closer to finding the solution.

"All my successes have been built on my failures."- Benjamin Disraeli

So maybe you tried something which did not work. Maybe you called some people and they said no. Some people or lots of people? Maybe you wrote a book and a couple of publishers said no. Do you know how many publishers turned down JK Rowling's first Harry Potter book? Twelve, before the chairman's daughter at Bloomsbury demanded to see the next chapter. "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" was first turned down by 18 publishers.

Are you going to allow other people to steal your dream, to prevent you from achieving whatever it is that burns inside you? Are you going to live a future which is far short of the life that you know is waiting for you? Have you seen that life, felt it, heard it, tasted it, smelt it?

You have probably heard about the power of visualization. Well it is true. "Whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve." Why? Simply because the unconscious mind knows no difference between reality and fiction. It creates whatever you think about. As a hypnotherapist, I know how feeding positive suggestions with visualization direct to the unconscious mind can bring desired results. So if you think about people rejecting your idea, your project, your service then you will project that thought on to others and it will be your reality. But imagine yourself achieving, succeeding. Make that visualization strong and that thought will gather strength and go out into the universe. Don't be concerned with how it will be achieved. Just be ready for the positive result, the YES.

"There is no failure except in no longer trying." - Elbert Hubbard

I encourage you to be a grown-up, not a given-up.

"Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there is a series of obstacles, and the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles. Your decision to be, have and do something out of the ordinary entails facing difficulties and challenges that are out of the ordinary as well. Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else."
- Brian Tracy

Here is the bad news. When you set out to achieve anything out of the ordinary, you will encounter obstacles, set-backs, negativity and the most damaging is negative self-talk. The challenge lies within you to overcome them and keep your mind focussed on the result with the absolute certainty that it is out there, waiting for you. It is not a question of if but when.

Be absolutely sure why you want to achieve this future? Ensure that the reasons are worthy of you, your family and the global community. Write down your reasons, why you not only want to achieve but why you must achieve.

Start by being grateful for where you are, for having a skill that you can share. You might need to develop the skill, take courses to fine-tune it, deepen your knowledge or maybe you just need practice. Learn from others whom you admire or who are already achieving success in your chosen field.

The question then is, are you ready for success? Are you ready to receive? Are you ready to turn your desire into day-to-day reality? Let me know when you start your book signing tour.

©Antonia Harrison 2009 from Personal Development in the 21st Century

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

How to Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities

Article by Christopher Howard:
In modeling extraordinary men and women throughout time, one thing I have discovered is that they aren’t really extraordinary at all—they are simply ordinary people who made extraordinary decisions about the events in their lives.

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When Nelson Mandela was in his teens, he attended a tribal ceremony. A tribal elder stood up and said, “These are our young men. They are our future. But the truth is…They are second-class citizens…They will always be boys.” When Mandela heard this, he made a decision to change South Africa. That one decision changed the world forever. When Richard Branson was labeled dyslexic, he decided the impairment would make him more intuitive in business.

What sets world leaders apart is their decision to turn obstacles into opportunities. One person could grow up in poverty and decide that means they could never be President of the United States. While another in that same circumstance or worse decides that it is the very reason they should become President. The first sees their circumstance as a stumbling block that creates an impossibility. The second uses their “obstacle” as a way to relate to people that gains them popularity, and eventually the Presidency. Same circumstance…completely different outcome. The only differing factor was what they decided that something meant.

Say that you are walking down a path and come upon a huge boulder blocking your path. What would you do? Too many people choose to turn back then use that as their excuse for not being able to live the life they want. It’s those rare few who make the decision to learn how to rock climb. Those are the mega-successful who not only surmount the obstacle in front of them, but in so doing gain the skill and confidence to then climb any mountain they want to.

What are you seeing as an obstacle in your life right now?Make a list of all those things you feel are stopping you from fulfilling your financial, health and/or relationship goals.
Now imagine for 5-10 minutes there is no such thing as an “obstacle”…how could each one of these obstacles actually be a great opportunity?

If memories are the cement that perpetuates beliefs, then decisions are the cornerstones of belief. They act as the line in the sand from which you will make future choices. I had a woman in one of my seminars who had made a decision at an early age that “it’s a man’s world.” Because she was a woman and obviously couldn’t do anything about this “obstacle,” she had a lot of difficulty achieving what she set out to do. It wasn’t until she became aware of the unconscious decision and realized she had made it only as real as she believed it to be, that she chose a different way of seeing things and her business expanded.

So it is essential to figure out:
What decisions did you make in your past?
Do those decisions serve your goals or work against them?
What are you deciding about the events going on in your life now?

The bottom line is, it is not the events in your life that shape your destiny, but the decisions you make about those events. So often we put world leaders on a pedestal as if they possess some rare and elusive power that we were not born with. Power is simply the ability to create real results. Becoming conscious of the decisions you make on a day-to-day basis, and consciously and carefully choosing your responses or reactions to those circumstances gives you that power.

Even if you only pay attention to what decisions you choose on a daily basis, this aspect of personality alone can make all the difference in causing you to be unstoppable. This alone places you firmly on that pedestal with the elite achievers. Circumstance no longer has the opportunity to be an excuse. You have successfully allowed “obstacles” to disappear from your life.

Originally Posted: Feb 9, 2006 at 2:56 PM

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

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Overcoming the influence of fear so you can live an amazing life is a simple matter of knowing how to diffuse the fearful feelings in the heat of the moment.

Would your life be better if you were not afraid?

Antonia Harrison from Personal Development in the 21st Century

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Developing Self-Discipline for Starting Your Own Business

To start and build your own successful business you need special disciplines; disciplines that are practiced by all successful entrepreneurs and self-made business millionaires. You can either learn and practice these disciplines early in your entrepreneurial career or you can learn and practice them later. Sooner or later you must become knowledgeable and skilled in each of these seven areas if you are going to build a successful enterprise. And the longer it takes you to master these seven areas, the longer it will take and the more it will cost, before you eventually achieve your financial and business goals.

The first discipline is the discipline of market analysis. This is where most entrepreneurs fail. They start off with a great idea, and often don't want to tell anybody about it; for fear that someone will steal their idea. So they go off half-cocked into the marketplace with a product or service that has not been thought through properly and they are amazed when it fails.

The fact is that people are far too busy to steal your idea. 99 out of 100 new business ideas fail anyway. People who are operating their own businesses are far, far too busy to have even a minute of time to "steal" your idea, whatever it is.

Ask People's Opinion
In fact, if you have an idea for a product or service in a particular industry, you should go to someone who is already in that industry and ask for their opinion. If you are really smart, you will get in touch with as many people in that industry as possible and lay out your idea to them in full and ask for their candid comments.

What you are looking for is "negative thinking." A negative thinker is someone who will point out the holes and flaws in your plan. If you cannot patch the holes or fix the flaws in your plan for a new business, that is probably a pretty good indicator that your business is not going to succeed.

Article by Brian Tracy, the Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations.

He has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 4,000,000 people in 4,000 talks and seminars worldwide. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Using Positive Self-Talk to Conquer Any Goal

Do you feel like you are always talking yourself out of success? As soon as you start to set goals for yourself, do you suddenly have nagging thoughts about how you aren't up to the task or how you simply aren't qualified to carry it through?

If you have ever experienced either situation, you need to change the way you respond to your inner dialogue. Instead of obeying your negative commands, you can use positive self-talk to counter the negativity and overcome nearly all anxious thoughts.

Setting Goals and Sticking to Them with Positive Self-Talk

Are you initially filled with excitement when you first set goals for yourself? Are these thoughts then followed by self-doubt and self-defeating thoughts that stop you in your tracks before you even get started?

It can be difficult to make the most of your life when you are constantly talking yourself out of being a success. It can be frustrating and discouraging to have these thoughts constantly plaguing you. Many of us, in fact, don't even realize we have them! All we know is that we don't have the confidence to stick to our plans and reach our goals.

But there's another way

Positive self-talk is an effective way to set goals and ensure that you stick to them, even if you have never been able to do this before. The way this works is that you decide what goal is important to you, and then you plan the logistics of how you are going to attain this goal. When self-doubt starts kicking in, you will respond with affirmations that prove your success without surrendering to the negative pressure. Since you're reading this article, it's clear that you're no quitter and you're certainly not a failure, so start believing in yourself!

Re-Programming Your Mind

Affirmations are essentially positive statements that re-program your mind for the positive. The moment you have a self-defeating thought you'd be able to counter the negative with a motivating statement. An example of a positive affirmation is: "I am worthy of great success," or "I see myself in the winner's circle." What this does is replace negativity with thoughts that will help you move toward your goals instead of further away from them.

Positive self-talk is easier to implement than you might think. You may not be aware of the severity of the negative dialogue currently within your mind. However, once you begin with positive self-talk, you will suddenly realize that you are self-sabotaging the goals you set for yourself from the minute that you make them. This process can open your eyes to exactly how much this inner conversation has been interfering with your life. You'll feel hopeful that you can now set goals and surpass them.

Through positive self-talk you will be able easily set long and short-term goals for yourself. And when you use affirmations, you'll have accessible tools to help you push yourself further than ever before. Learning to quiet negativity with positive thoughts is a great move toward setting and attaining future goals with ease.

Antonia Harrison from Personal Development in the 21st Century