Thursday, 31 July 2008

You Can Do Anything

"You can do anything and everything. Believe in that, do not believe that you are weak.

Stand up and express the divinity within you. Stand up, be bold, be strong.

Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders, and know that you are the creator of your own destiny." - ~Swami Vivekananda

The question is what future do you want to create? Do you know where your destiny lies or are you just floating from day to day to "see what life brings"?

If you are reading this, I choose to believe that you are one of life's doers, wanting to create a difference for yourself and others. You do not accept a life of mediocrity. You want and know you can have, be, do so much more.

Mediocrity is the enemy of greatness.

Discover what truly lights you up, something which is so inspiring that you will want to get out of bed in the morning to get started or stay up late. Work can be a burden if it is not what you are meant to be doing but I am talking about finding your true destiny so that you know that your life has a purpose. If you light up when you talk about it, you will attract others who want to join you, buy from you, invest in you.

Instead of people's eyes glazing over when you tell them what you do, be CELEBRATED, not tolerated. Very important.

On a training course in platform skills, I listened to the half-hour presentations of various people. Some people were so in tune with their subject that they made me believe in their cause, their business. One woman talked about cold calling techniques for salespeople of a particular truck and for a while, I even felt like one of those truck salespeople. Her passion for such an everyday subject really came across.

If you are still unsure where you are headed, I recommend a very challenging exercise. Take time over this. Take blank paper and write a description of your life in ten years time - the work, the people, the home, the lifestyle. Include as much detail as you can.

A variation is to write the tributes people are giving you at your 80th birthday party as they celebrate the amazing life you have had and all the people you have touched.

Once you see your life in the future, you can start working backwards to bring it to fruition. Start becoming more valuable to others. This precedes massive success.

Start becoming an example to your kids of what is possible in life. Encourage their ideas and self-belief. All too many children grow up discouraged by their parents' limiting ideas based on the mediocrity they have accepted as the norm.

Be aware of who you call friends. They say that our income is the average of the five people we spend the most time with. I have a natural tendency to want to help people, usually the people who need it, rather than those who deserve my help. So I have invested far too much time in people who are stuck and yet not prepared to make any changes. They are comfortable in their uncomfortable zone.

I stopped spending time with the wrong people and now choose my friends and influences more carefully. I want to be with positive people, people who are creating without limits.

Make your choices carefully.

©Antonia Harrison 2008 from Personal Development for the 21st Century

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Somebody Needs You

I received this email today. Just fill in (YOUR NAME) and soak it in.

Many people devalue their God given gifts.
Many people under appreciate their worth.
Many people laugh off their natural strengths.
Many people have a tough time taking in appreciation.
Many people take lightly their assignment in life.
You see, we were all born to solve a problem.
Dentists solve teeth problems.
Phones solve communication problems.
Cars solve transportation problems.
We forget how important we really are to SOMEONE, somewhere.
"Mike, what do you mean?"

We were born to be a reward and blessing for a person or group of people.
Look around you, everything was created to solve a problem.
You get RICH, both personally and financially when you solve problems for people.
You see, every generation needs its great entrepreneurs, its great athletes, its authors, and its role models.
If you look at 25-50 year periods of times, each generation has its OWN STARS.
Today we have Steve Jobs, Oprah, Spielberg, Tiger and others. 50 years ago, there were other names.

(YOUR NAME) you were born to be a STAR in this generation.
You were.
Maybe it's business, family life, being a great listener,there's some PROBLEM you were born to solve.
There's somebody who needs you right now. There is. There's somebody you can bring joy to.
Will you be there for them?

The problem you were born to solve in life isn't so much a 'creation', as it's a discovery. Your discovery.
Many times your gifts are so close to you, you undervalue them and can barely see them.
What do you love doing?
Where are you naturally strong? (writing, reading, listening, speaking, etc...)
What bothers you?

We must correct the injustice of people spending their lives doing work they can't stand. This kind of work helps nobody.
It hurts them, their family and those they were born to help.

(YOUR NAME) Be the reward you were born to be.
(YOUR NAME) Add 1% more enthusiasm to your life.
Your gifts, talents, and abilities were given to you for a reason. Use them.
Love yourself. Serve others. Create value for others.
Get rich, financially and personally.
Great things usually take time. Go slow to go fast. Patience amigo.

Somebody is hurting today. Somebody needs you today. Awaken to this idea.
You can and WILL make somebody's day.
Focus on bringing more purpose and meaning to your life.
The fastest way to get what you want is to help someone else get what they want.
You're a problem solver for someone. This is your ticket to great riches.

(YOUR NAME) the thousands of people reading this right now believe in you.
Just like you believe in their abilities, they believe in yours.

We were ALL born for greatness. Start seeing that in others and they'll start acknowledging it in you.
As a group, we're much more powerful together than as individuals.
Believe in someone else's greatness today.

Love Ya! You're The Best!

Source: Mike Litman

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Don't Steal by Not Sharing

Do you realize that you have a GIFT, a strength, a passion that can help people and by you not sharing it, you're STEALING from peoples' lives?

Think about that.

I have just been to a powerful seminar to help people develop Leadership and stop playing small. One big strong African man admitted that by playing small, African children are dying daily because he is not teaching them a better way to live.

If you have a passion and vision to make a difference, you need to do whatever it takes to attend Christopher Howard's "Breakthrough to Success" seminar. It runs in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia and New Zealand and people travel all over the world to be there. Don't let time or money stop you.

Take my offer of TWO FREE TICKETS to attend this life-changing seminar.

When I went to "Breakthrough to Success" my vision was small and very limited. Five months later, I am growing so fast, learning the skills I need to fulfill my mission and impact thousands of lives.

Don't play small.
“If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world.” - Mercedes Lackey

Antonia Harrison at Personal Development in the 21st Century and The Secret and Law of Attraction .

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Are You in the 2%?

Why are some people successful and millions are not?

The difference between those who are successful and those who are not is simple. Successful people do what unsuccessful people do not. It all starts and ends at your self honesty. When you set promises to yourself do you follow them or do you let them go?

Successful people don't focus on what's required to be done. Success mindset focuses on the result of the actions not on the effort.

Successful people make decisions fast and change their minds slowly. Success can easily be summed up in one word - action. If you are constantly moving forward - even in the wrong direction you will make more progress than standing still.

When you don't go - you don't grow!

Is Fear Robbing you of your Dreams?

Sometimes fear of success can be the most demobilizing fear of all. Let fear sneak in and note that you do anything rather than take action even when your instincts tell you to do so. It can cost you more than you are willing to admit.

The lesson I learned was that choosing inaction (through fear) gives your fears the green light to move forward and your dreams to dwindle and fade away.

Dreams are attained through action not inaction. When I have a gut feeling I move boldly in that direction and do not allow that negative dream stealing inner talk to influence me.

Back to your question, "What would I do if I weren't afraid?"

Turn the question round to one that can empower and inspire you:

If God came to me and said, "I will assist you in accomplishing, doing or having anything it is that you tell me you want to be, do or have. All the things you need to make it happen will be done through my guidance and will. What is it that you choose to be, do or have?"

If God guaranteed that I could & would accomplish anything I desired what would I choose?

Are you clear what your answer would be? At least put it another way, "I know you don't know the answer, but if you did, what would it be?"

I hope that by reading this you will stop being caught up in the moment or in the drama of a problem and seek the solution to overcome that adversity.

In the meantime, be grateful, "The more you can be grateful for the things in your life now, the more you will have to be grateful for tomorrow." (no matter how 'bad things may seem)

No matter where you are in your life, there are thousands of things you could choose to be grateful for. Are you focusing on those or are you focusing on the little things which 'annoy' you?

In life you get more of what you focus on. Focus on gratitude and you will have more to be grateful for. Focus on worries or problems and you will have more worries and problems. Focus on solutions and you will find more solutions.