Thursday, 17 July 2008

Somebody Needs You

I received this email today. Just fill in (YOUR NAME) and soak it in.

Many people devalue their God given gifts.
Many people under appreciate their worth.
Many people laugh off their natural strengths.
Many people have a tough time taking in appreciation.
Many people take lightly their assignment in life.
You see, we were all born to solve a problem.
Dentists solve teeth problems.
Phones solve communication problems.
Cars solve transportation problems.
We forget how important we really are to SOMEONE, somewhere.
"Mike, what do you mean?"

We were born to be a reward and blessing for a person or group of people.
Look around you, everything was created to solve a problem.
You get RICH, both personally and financially when you solve problems for people.
You see, every generation needs its great entrepreneurs, its great athletes, its authors, and its role models.
If you look at 25-50 year periods of times, each generation has its OWN STARS.
Today we have Steve Jobs, Oprah, Spielberg, Tiger and others. 50 years ago, there were other names.

(YOUR NAME) you were born to be a STAR in this generation.
You were.
Maybe it's business, family life, being a great listener,there's some PROBLEM you were born to solve.
There's somebody who needs you right now. There is. There's somebody you can bring joy to.
Will you be there for them?

The problem you were born to solve in life isn't so much a 'creation', as it's a discovery. Your discovery.
Many times your gifts are so close to you, you undervalue them and can barely see them.
What do you love doing?
Where are you naturally strong? (writing, reading, listening, speaking, etc...)
What bothers you?

We must correct the injustice of people spending their lives doing work they can't stand. This kind of work helps nobody.
It hurts them, their family and those they were born to help.

(YOUR NAME) Be the reward you were born to be.
(YOUR NAME) Add 1% more enthusiasm to your life.
Your gifts, talents, and abilities were given to you for a reason. Use them.
Love yourself. Serve others. Create value for others.
Get rich, financially and personally.
Great things usually take time. Go slow to go fast. Patience amigo.

Somebody is hurting today. Somebody needs you today. Awaken to this idea.
You can and WILL make somebody's day.
Focus on bringing more purpose and meaning to your life.
The fastest way to get what you want is to help someone else get what they want.
You're a problem solver for someone. This is your ticket to great riches.

(YOUR NAME) the thousands of people reading this right now believe in you.
Just like you believe in their abilities, they believe in yours.

We were ALL born for greatness. Start seeing that in others and they'll start acknowledging it in you.
As a group, we're much more powerful together than as individuals.
Believe in someone else's greatness today.

Love Ya! You're The Best!

Source: Mike Litman

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