Monday, 7 October 2013

Benjamin Franklin Asked Two Important Questions Every Day

This was Benjamin Franklin's daily planner:

There are two important questions:

1. What good shall I do this day? 
2. What good have I done today? 

Would they be useful questions to ask ourselves every day?

When planning each day, he considered "Prosecute the present study" which means to invest time for education, study or some form of self-improvement.  If such a great man as Benjamin Franklin included this on his daily schedule, do you think it would benefit each of us?

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Pain of Discipline Now or the Pain of Regret Later

This morning I started a course of sessions with a Personal Trainer.  

I have been going to the gym regularly, doing my cardio workout and machine-based exercises plus I take weekly swimming classes so I think I am pretty fit.  I just want that extra "oomph" to lose a few kgs and tighten up some of the legs-bums-tums muscles that us women have a problem with, especially when we have had children so our abdomen muscles have stretched to a ridiculous size in relation to the rest of our body.

The good news is that my Personal Trainer, Dan, is very good looking and knows what he is doing.  The bad news is that I ache and feel weary all over.  

The easy option would be to give up now, go back to my previous exercise plan, but what would that achieve?

As Jim Rohn said,
"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." 

Exercise is a discipline of both body and mind.  I know that choosing not to do the exercise will mean that I cannot wear some of my favourite clothes this summer because right now they are too tight.  Longer-term, I do not want to be one of the middle-aged women who have allowed the lbs/kgs to stick to my waist and thighs.  There are many women younger than me in my health club who are very obese.  At some point, they made the wrong choices and now they are trying to shed that weight.  It is so much easier to have the discipline now rather than having to correct the lack of discipline later.
"We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment."
Are there areas in your life where you know that discipline is what is needed to help you achieve your goals?  I can help you with my unique combination of Hypnosis, NLP Results Coaching and Personal Development to instill the motivation and determination to start the process and maintain the discipline to keep going.  I help people worldwide through Skype so contact me today, the English Skype Hypnotist, to set out a plan for reaching your goals with discipline of steel.

© Antonia Harrison 2013

Monday, 10 June 2013

Jim Rohn Wishes For You a Life of Wealth, Health and Happiness

Here's a great wish from Jim Rohn:

"I wish for you a life of wealth, health and happiness; a life in which you give to yourself the gift of patience, the virtue of reason, the value of knowledge, and the influence of faith in your own ability to dream about and achieve worthy rewards." Jim Rohn

Download 179 Personal Development MP3 and Audio Books for Only $29.95

If you're like me, you enjoy listening to inspirational, motivational and informative talks by people in the personal development world. Reading books is great but sometimes time does not permit us to read all the books we want. So listening to those books, or at least key parts of the books, is the next best thing. In fact, if we are auditory people, more than visual, listening to a book can be the best way to take in the information.

Many audio books are available to purchase, usually for anywhere from $10 upwards to maybe $50. I ordered one book by Stephen Covey, the classic "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" then decided that listening to the audio book in my car would be the quickest way to access the information. A Google search led me to a site which offers 179 audio books and ebooks from many of the leading speakers in the personal development world. Here is the best part, these 179 titles are available as immediate download files for just $27.95. That is $27.95 for all 179 titles


An amazing offer. I am busy downloading files as I write from these famous speakers and authors:

- Tony Robbins
- Zig Ziglar
- Stephen Covey
- Les Brown
- Wayne Dyer
- Louise L Hay
- Jim Rohn
- James Allen
- John Earl Shoaff (Jim Rohn's mentor!)
- Dale Carnegie
- Brian Tracy
- Norman Vincent Peale
- Robert G Allen

Famous titles:
- Rich Dad Poor Dad
- Think and Grow Rich
- The Four Hour Work Week
- The Richest Man in Babylon (recommended by Jim Rohn)
- The Secret
- The Science of Getting Rich
- The Silva Method
- Who Moved My Cheese?

There are several audio books on sex and relationships and even meditation audios and hypnosis MP3 downloads from:
- Paul McKenna
- Wendi Friessen

What is also amazing about this offer is that the site is often updated with new titles and the $27.95 purchase covers lifetime downloads.  In fact, I subscribed with this one-off payment in 2011 when there were 135 titles and am still downloading new titles when added.

Yes, some of these titles are freely available to download in the public domain but you have to hunt for them AND I bet there are titles here that don´t come to mind but will be hugely worthwhile.
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So, if you want to listen to classic inspirational and motivational thoughts, I recommend you visit Thanks2Net.Com   If you want to test the site, there are three FREE downloads you can listen to immediately.

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Monday, 27 May 2013

Celebrate That It's Monday

It is Monday morning which for many is greeted by groans of "yet another week at work".

How about another approach?

  1. Think about the opportunities you can create this week.
  2. What one new thing can you learn or start this week?
  3. What can you do differently this week to make your work more rewarding?
  4. Can you introduce a new idea or skill to your employer to make you stand out?
  5. Whose company do you enjoy in your work?
  6. Be grateful for the knowledge and skills you have developed which give you work.
  7. Show gratitude that you have work with so many people unemployed or too ill to work.
  8. Are you going home to a warm bed and food on the table?  
  9. Be grateful if you have all your limbs and senses, even if you don't.  
  10. Be grateful that you are alive for one more day on this amazing planet.

However bad your life might seem, if you live in the Western developed world, you have the good fortune of being in the top 12.5 % of the world economically.  There are millions who are much poorer than you and yet they find something to be happy about.

It's Monday.  Chance to start with a blank sheet of paper and create something special this week.

Antonia Harrison is a leading Hypnosis, NLP and Personal Development Coach helping clients to Freedom and Personal Change on Skype worldwide.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

To Turn A Dream Into Reality Requires a Plan


Writing down things to do on a list makes it easier to prioritize them because the overwhelm becomes clarity.  From a list of tasks with deadlines you can choose which to do first and feel a sense of achievement when they are ticked off.

Having some dreams in your head might feel good but they will need some action from you if they are going to become reality.  A whole project might require a plan of steps.

If you don't write down what you want to achieve it is more than likely that you will only complete the daily tasks because our brains can only cope with so much activity at a time.  

Whilst is satisfying to tick off mundane everyday tasks when complete, it is even more satisfying and rewarding to tick off goals when achieved.  Preferably ahead of deadline.

Antonia Harrison is a leading Hypnosis, NLP and Personal Development Coach helping clients to Freedom and Personal Change on  worldwide. 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Are You A Comet or a Meteor Shower?

I love this quote about challenge, taking ourselves out of the comfort zone:

“I have realized; it is during the times I am far outside my element that I experience myself the most. That I see and feel who I really am, the most! I think that's what a comet is like, you see, a comet is born in the outer realms of the universe!

But it's only when it ventures too close to our sun or to other stars that it releases the blazing "tail" behind it and shoots brazen through the heavens! And meteors become sucked into our atmosphere before they burst like firecrackers and realize that they're shooting stars! That's why I enjoy taking myself out of my own element, my own comfort zone, and hurling myself out into the unknown. Because it's during those scary moments, those unsure steps taken, that I am able to see that I'm like a comet hitting a new atmosphere: suddenly I illuminate magnificently and fire dusts begin to fall off of me! I discover a smile I didn't know I had, I uncover a feeling that I didn't know existed in me... I see myself. I'm a shooting star. A meteor shower.

But I'm not going to die out. I guess I'm more like a comet then. I'm just going to keep on coming back.”              C. JoyBell C. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Sail Away From the Safe Harbour and Feel the Wind Daring You

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain
For those of us fortunate enough to live in the most economically developed countries, there really is no limit to what we can do but it is somehow easier to find reasons (=excuses) for why we can't, why we didn't.  We say we tried but couldn't.  

"Do or Do Not. There is no Try." - Yoda
Every now and then we produce a burst of activity and start to make progress towards our life’s goals but then, life gets in the way.  The point is that if we don’t achieve what we want, we are hurting ourselves, denying ourselves a life of “what can be” by accepting “what is”.  Some truly tremendous achievers refuse to even consider reasons why they can’t.  They look only for solutions and learn how to improve.

Listen to Nick Vujicic, the man with No Arms No Legs No Worries:

Now tell me again, what you “can’t” do?

I believe Nick Vujicic is a tremendous inspiration to millions around the world with his positive attitude, his “can-do” approach and his wonderful sense of humour.  He shows us how the impossible becomes “I’m-possible”.

Everything we do, or don’t do, has an impact on other people.  Failing to provide financially for our families has obvious consequences to lifestyle and what we can offer our children.  Sometimes what we could develop is a skill, a gift we have, and if we don’t we deny others a piece of our ability and unique flavour. 

It is said that everyone has a book inside them.  E L James wrote “Fifty Shades of Grey” as an e-book and just hoped that some people would like to read it.  It has exploded into an international phenomenon and helped millions of women come out of their sexuality shells. 


The talks over at TED ( bring new ideas in Technology Education and Design.  These talks are available to view on the website and share with others.  Learn something new, be inspired and spread the word.

We live in a world of opportunity where a shared message can go viral and explode around the world in minutes.  It is up to us whether we wish to be heard or just want to settle down in front of the TV and put it off to another day.

What will you do differently today to impact your tomorrow?

© Antonia Harrison 2013
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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Accomplish One Thing

“You can accomplish a hundred other things but if you do not accomplish the one thing for which you have been sent, it will be as if you have done nothing.”Jalal ad-Din Rumi was a 13th century Persian Muslim poet and Sufi mystic

Monday, 29 April 2013

What You Need To Succeed

"In order to succeed you need inner strength, self-belief and true grit. Never give up on your dream even when times are tough. Aim high and you will achieve your goal". - 
Rebecca Adlington, Swimmer, Double Gold Medal Winner (GB) at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing