Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Pecha Kucha 20x20 Simple Presentations

PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds, on auto-run totalling 6 minutes 40 seconds then sit down. The images forward automatically and you talk along to the images.

PechaKucha Night was devised in Tokyo in February 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. It has turned into a massive celebration, with events happening in hundreds of cities around the world, inspiring creatives worldwide. Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of "chit chat", it rests on a presentation format that is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. It's a format that makes presentations concise, and keeps things moving at a rapid pace.

So far in 360 countries with 1,140 presentations to date, there is bound to be a city near you.

Find your nearest Pecha Kucha event at http://www.pecha-kucha.org/

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Keep Yourself Accountable

I received an email today which started:

"Consider the implication of this idea...

What would happen if I were to follow you with a camera crew 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the next 100 days while you went for your goals?

I bet 3 things would happen....

1) You would START doing the things you say you need to do.

2) You would STOP doing the things you know you shouldn't be doing.

3. You would MAKE monumental performance gains and change your life.

This is ALL possible through the discipline of accountability.

Accountability serves and protects your character, credibility and commitments as it ensures that what you want to accomplish gets accomplished.

The problem however is that the lack of accountability is one of the biggest constraints you have which prevents goal achievement.

You see, throughout every area of your life it's important to acknowledge that ALL unfinished goals, projects and relationships are the result of broken promises, unfulfilled commitments, and lack of accountability."

It's true. It's easy to get excited about an idea but following through with the nitty-gritty involves work (four letter word!), planning, investment of time and money plus all importantly, stepping-up to do what you said you would do.

It's easy to have ideas in our mind, play around with them, make a few calls, do some research online but we have to be committed to make ideas become plans and plans become action. This is where accountability comes in.

Once you have shared those ideas and plans with someone else, they can keep you onboard with your plans. Check whether you have carried out each step. If not, ask you why not? You could ask a friend to make you accountable but will they be hard with you or buy your excuses?

That's where a personal coach or the support of a mastermind group makes the difference which is worth the investment several times over. One or more people who want you to succeed, who will give you practical advice and keep your boat steering in the right direction, even when the wind tries to blow you somewhere else. Distractions, other ideas which pop up, comments from negative people.

If you don't have someone holding you accountable, I fear your ideas will never become tangible.

©Antonia Harrison 2010 from Personal Development in the 21st Century . Antonia Harrison is the English Hypnotherapist and coach in Belgium and Personal Development speaker giving workshops to groups and companies.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

What Anthony Robbins Learned From Financial Giants

Here Anthony Robbins talks about what he learned by studying some of the financial investing legends:

Click for video

George Soros who made $1 billion in a day by betting against Pounds Sterling
Sir John Templeton

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Never Hurts to Ask

Vanilla Haagen-Dazs… it must be made from angel’s milk. Sheer ecstasy. What heaven must be like (please!). I savor each lick until my taste buds scream in pain for more. And when I reluctantly swallow my last bite—that’s what hell must be like.

I recently allowed myself to have this sweet-bitter experience at a local Haagen-Dazs store. While eating, I temporarily awoke from my blissful nirvana to see (in horror) that I had licked off all the ice-cream on top. I was not ready to bite into the cone (that is the beginning of the end!). So I went back up to the counter with a big milk covered smile (yes, angel’s milk) and said, as charming as I could muster, “for a real passionate lover of your great product would you kindly add a gratuitous small shaving to the top here (holding my topless cone out to her) to help extend my joy… just a little longer?” Even with a strict policy against such allowances, she said, “It would be my pleasure” and plunked another full (albeit hollow) scoop of vanilla bliss on my cone. The charm must have worked (or the promise to promote this story on my blog – I’m kidding!).

When I came back to the table with my new (free!) scoop my wife couldn’t believe it! One, that I asked… and two, that she gave it me! I said simply, “it never hurts to ask.”

This is true in most instances, most every day. I’m a big believer that you only get what you ask for. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. So why not ask for everything? The worst possible thing that can happen is they say no.

Article by Darren Hardy

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Have Faith Quote

"If you don't have faith that the world can turn in your direction then it never will.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

168 Hours

"Did you know that a week has 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes or 604,800 seconds? Your week, my week and everybody else's week has the exact same amount of time in it. We all have the same amount of time. Why is it then, that some people seem to have all the time in the world, where as others always seem to be "out of time"..?

Some people seem to be (or feel?) busy all the time, often saying "I don't have time for that". What if I told you.....

You have all the time in the world and
you get to choose how to spend it.

Consider it is not about "having" time, but about how you choose to spend it. Thinking about it that way gives you much more control of the feeling you have about your own time. You always have a choice as to how you spend your time.

So why not look at this upcoming week as a fantastic gift of 168 hours that you get to spend on the people, events and work you think are worthy of these 168 hours. Once you have allocated these hours consciously, be happy with your schedule!

If something unexpected comes along that needs an investment of your time, look at your schedule and see if you are willing to re- allocate your time for this or not. In others words: are you willing and able to MAKE time for it? If not, say to yourself and others "I choose not to make time for that" and stick to your decision. That puts things in a very different perspective, don't you think? For me it creates a lot of peacefulness and a feeling of being at the source of my life and time"

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Being Broke Is a Waste of Life


Why are you still tired, broke and enslaved?

The following is a list of the Top 20 principles of the wealthy.

1. The Broke think everything is too good to be true, while the wealthy think that getting a job sounds too bad to be true.

2. Broke people give up when things don't go their way; a few disappointments and they are onto something else, saying things like "it wasn't for me." The wealthy work harder and become more determined when things go bad and understand that you have to take the bad with the good to make it.

3. Broke people always have an excuse. Wealthy people say "my fault" and refuse to make excuses.

4. Broke people think that not getting what they want is OK. Wealthy people are disgusted at the thought of not getting what they want and will do whatever it takes.

5. Broke people always have to talk it over with their broke friends to make sure no one will make fun of them if they make a decision. Wealthy people think for themselves and could care less what their broke friends think.

6. Broke people are never coachable and teachable. Wealthy people are always learning, even when the money starts coming in, they never stop learning from those who were there first.

7. Broke people are scared of others. Wealthy people entrust in others and know that other people are crucial for their success.

8. Broke people are always procrastinating; they would rather talk about it, read about it, think about it, but never seem to do anything. Wealthy people hate doing anything but getting it done.

9. Broke people are glad when the day is over. Wealthy people love when the day begins.

10. Broke people think Wealthy people are lucky. Wealthy people put themselves into a position to be "lucky," and then work hard to make the "luck" show up.

11. Broke people work by the hour. Wealthy people work by the month.

12. Broke people want to know that after 1 hour of work they have something to show for it. Wealthy people find broke people who think like that and make them their employees.

13. Broke people get excited they just got hired. Wealthy people think it is funny that someone could be fooled that easily; they are just making the wealthy person wealthier.

14. Broke people complain a lot. Wealthy people are thankful that no one shot at them today, they didn't have to fight in a war, and that they don't have a job.

15. Broke people are too concerned about what other people are doing. Wealthy people are only concerned about what they can be doing to get more done.

16. Broke people think that if no one is doing something, it must suck. Wealthy people think that if no one is doing something, it means more money for them.

17. Broke people think that if everyone (all 200 people at the meeting in a city of 1 million) is doing something, it must be saturated. Wealthy people think that broke people aren't too bright.

18. Broke people think it is OK for other people to live where they want to live, drive what they want to drive, and do what they want to do.

19. Broke people are OK with the fact that they can't do these things. Wealthy people get sick just thinking about being average.

20. Broke people think that other people's opinions are worth more than their dreams. Wealthy people know that their dreams are worth more than other people's opinions.

I have learned to be wealthy, you must learn from the broke and do not do what they do nor think how they think.

Luther Thompson

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Your Gift - A Private Webinar with Dan Bradbury and Jamie Smart

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To your Enlightened Success!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Being Present Will Bring You Gifts

With our modern world we are easily distracted by phones, messages, busy people, public transport, TV and a zillion other daily distractions.

We live in a time where it has never been more difficult to stay present especially when talking with someone else, albeit in person or on the phone.

Practise being present with the person you are talking with by blocking out everything (and I mean everything) else around you because when you do this you will receive gifts. Some of the gifts may be actually hearing what they have to say, remembering the conversation easily and a much better connection with the person you are talking with. There are many other gifts from being present with the person you are talking with so practise being present and receive your gifts.

Source: Ryan Pinnick

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Look For the Possible in Everything

When something difficult or painful happens, always look to see what it makes possible that wouldn't have otherwise been possible.

In other words, look for the silver lining in every cloud. You might as well look for something good rather than focus on pain or difficulty.

Friday, 22 January 2010

What's The Reason You Are Not Achieving?

"What’s the reason why you haven’t yet achieved what you want? It’s not your parents, it’s not your friends, it’s not your spouse, and it’s not your "bad luck"... It’s not the world’s economic situation, it’s not the competition, it’s not your boss... and it’s not the president.

The reason is you...To be more exact, the reason is in your mind... and the things you do everyday."
- Stuart Lichtman, MIT scientist

First, give your mind a brand new, positive, empowering shift!

You have to know what you really want. Instead of focusing on 3-4 goals at once, focus on ONLY 1 goal you want to accomplish in the next 30 days.

Write the goal on a piece of paper, in this format:
"By the first day of January 2011, I'll have in my possession $250,000, which will come to me in various amounts. In return for this money, I will have done whatever is necessary and appropriate in my business (describe the business you already have or intend to build) in an easily and fun manner."

Spend at least 30 minutes creating a mental picture of you having achieved your goal by the exact date specified.

You will have to close your eyes and make it as vivid as possible, involving all 5
senses (smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste) as fully as possible in the picture you create in your mind’s eye.

The Focus Primer:
You have to read aloud your description and re-create your mental picture twice a day. First thing upon waking up and 10 minutes before bedtime. This is how the mind works. Give it a target and it will hit it.

Now here comes the best part…
Translating Goals & Desires into Immediate Actions
Most people’s goals are nothing but weak desires. As a result, they will always find
excuses to stay within their comfort zone and put it off. The ultimate way to achieve
anything you want lies in ACTION.

The 48 Hours Challenge
Grab a blank piece of paper and divide the page into two. On the left side, write the
goal you want to accomplish in the next 30 days. And on the right, list down 5 things
you can do to bring you closer to your goal. Ensure that you have one task that you
can carry out immediately upon finishing this exercise.

And for the other 4 action steps you have listed, assign the specific time and date
that you will have it done, within the 48 hours assignment period.

Once you have done that, pin that piece of paper on your bathroom mirror and start
working on that first task you have set. Get it done before continuing reading the
rest of the report.

They say that taking the first step is the most difficult one. We are often held back
by inertia. The moment we start taking the first few steps towards a goal, we will
gain momentum and continue on until we realize it.

By taking on the 48 hours challenge, to act on 5 action steps within 48 hours of
setting the goal, you break out of your comfort zone and excuses and you are telling
your brain that you are SERIOUS in getting what you want!

And at the end of the 48 hours challenge, set aside 3 hours to plan further action
steps you HAVE to take EVERYDAY (excluding weekends) to get you where you want to be.

Getting what you want is easy
If it’s as easy as I’ve said, why doesn’t everybody do this? For every 100 people who read this, only 1 or 2 will end up putting it into practice. Why? Everybody desires to succeed, but only a few are truly COMMITTED to their goals. Unless you truly want what you want… you will never take the necessary action outlined in this report… for there’s always something more important that comes up to fill up your time.

Are you ready to commit?
Are you ready to make the change?
Are you ready to get what you want?

Visit Personal Development in the 21st Century .

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Your Limitations Are Not Imposed On You

"Your limitations are not imposed on you. They are accepted by you. We are not limited to the life we now live. It has been accepted by us as the best we can do at this time. Any time we're ready to go beyond the limitations currently in our life, we're capable of doing that by choosing different thoughts." - Ralph Marston

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I Challenge You to the 100 Day Start Fast in 2010

This past year was a fast, challenging, and for some, a painful year.

If you're tired of struggling with debt, fearful of the current economic crisis, and paralyzed by the pace of change, I've got a great way for you to take control of your future and start the year off with a BIG BANG!

I want to propose a challenge, I want to provide you with an opportunity to redeem yourself in 2010 and turn things around for the better...and I mean much better.

You see, one thing we all have in common is that we all love a challenge!

For some, it could be a goal that puts you to the test, an obstacle that says you can't beat me, a belief system that is begging for a breakthrough, or even a mountain that just dares you to climb it.

Whatever it is, you're attitude should be BRING IT ON, as there's nothing quite like a good old fashioned challenge to see what you're made of, to push the boundaries and test your limits as it is ONLY when we overcome these trials that we get to reap the sweetest rewards.

My colleague, Gary Ryan Blair, otherwise know as The Goals Guy, has put together, what I believe to be, the most comprehensive approach to goal setting and performance enhancement.

Gary has been working with executives and employees at Coca-Cola, American Express, IBM, Starbucks, Time Warner, Disney, and many more, teaching them exactly how to set and reach their goals—if he can do it for them, he can do it for you.

Many of the top leaders, in just about every field, call on Gary when trying to develop and execute certain goals. It is so much easier when you know HOW to create a workable plan, and can create accountability, and that's where Gary excels.

Let's get back to your goals and the challenge. Gary has created a powerful program that will show you how to make maximum performance gains in the shortest time possible. It is very effective and very affordable.

If you are serious about making changes and starting the year strong, than you simply must check out this program.

It's called the 100 Day Start Fast Challenge and it began on January 11th!

Check it out here.

It is a world-class online program where Gary literally coaches you toward achieving your goals.

I recommend the program, I recommend that you download the Special Report, and more importantly, I recommend Gary.

Make sure you check out 100 Day Start Fast Challenge...

And put yourself and your family in the best possible position. Also, make sure to watch his video, it's one of the best I've ever seen.

See how the Goals guy can help you in 2010.

Visit Personal Development in the 21st Century .

Connect With Your Heart To Fill Your Audience's Need

My plan for today is to start writing some talks, presentations, preparing workshops in the personal development field. I have some outlines in my head so now I want to make them tangible but where to start?

Last night I read that I we probably don't know 95% of the people and resources who will help us turn our ideas into reality but by choosing to surround ourselves with people who will support our dream, the right people will come. That's quite a thought. So, I want to build my speaking career. By associating with positive, supportive people, reading the right material so that my mind is attuned, the 95% have yet to come in to my life. It is all out there and I have to trust that the right people, ideas and tools will present themselves when I'm ready for them.

So, back to where to start. I know, I'll just check my emails first. The usual distraction but justification because there is always something interesting or useful to read, to download.

Then this email came in, a newsletter from someone I do not recall subscribing to but must have done. Mark Silver received a question from someone who wanted to write a blog that would touch thousands but didn't know where to start. It is a long email and I only want to reproduce here the bit about speaking in front of a group. If you want to read the full article, I include the link at the end.

Help Is Drawn Towards Need
Stand up, with no prior preparation on a moment's notice, in front of thirty-odd people and deliver a healing talk to them. That's what we made our students do when I taught in the Teacher Internship Program at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism.

Quite often the results were astounding. What would come forth from speakers would sometimes just send my heart flying, whoosh!

How did this work? There were a few principles involved:

First, everyone is needy. Our hearts are thirsting for love and Oneness in every moment. Always. Always. We can drink oceans dry and still not have our fill. As the Sufis say, "The aim isn't to quench your thirst, the aim is to develop the perfect thirst so that you never stop drinking."

This means that everyone in those classroom audiences was thirsting. This applies to you and your audience as well. No matter how big a kahuna anyone is, or how small and insignificant you feel, you can still be a conduit of love for them. And they still need the love.

Second, you are the conduit, not the Source. This means that when facing needy people, you don't have to fill them up. However, you have an opportunity to be the bucket at the well, or the aqueduct, or whatever metaphor you choose.

Left-fielded question: what kind of conduit works best? An empty bucket, or a bucket full of sand? An empty pipe, or a pipe full of wadded up tissue paper? Yup, best to be empty.

Third, the Divine never fails to respond to true need. Call it trust, faith, or craziness, it's just what happens. Even the Rolling Stones had it right on this one, "You don't always get what you want..."

However, sometimes there's a pause while we're hooking up our conduit and letting it flow through. There's no delay on the part of the Divine, but there can be a time-lag as we get in position to help.

It took some getting used to, but I've learned to love allowing "dead air" when I teach. Sometimes I'll take what feels like an uncomfortably long time in silence to get connected, and then it flows through.

The mistake many of our Teacher Internship students made was rushing that connecting process. People sitting in front of you waiting expectantly, and you're actually going to take an ENTIRE SIXTY SECONDS of silence to connect? OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod...

And when you spend the sixty seconds ohmyGod-ing, then it does become an uncomfortably long silence. But it's not the silence, it's the lack of connection.

Time to Connect
Try an experiment with me. First, think of a client or a friend, or someone else you know. Take a few moments to connect with your own heart (I suggest the Remembrance practice of course, but any heart-centering practice is good).

Now ask to connect with the heart of this other person. Don't imagine. Don't vision. Don't make up pictures or stories. Just ask, with a willingness to be surprised. And take some time to notice what you notice, in your heart, in your mind, in your body.

There's a connection. It's there. It's real. Trust it.

There, bow your head. Touch into your humility. Let go of collapse and self-judgment, that's not humility. Humility is when you realize how small you are, and that it's okay.

Let go of everything you think you know. Connect with your heart. And ask to connect with the heart of someone your business is meant to serve. No name. No face. No personal knowledge. Just a heart connection. Ask for it. Be willing to be surprised.

Take some time with this. It may take a few minutes for you to connect, and for you to trust the connection.

Now ask to be made aware of their neediness, especially any neediness your heart can speak to. Be willing to be surprised.

Trust what comes in. Trust how your heart feels. Trust.

And then write (speak). Write (speak) from that space of love and connection. Of compassion and humility. Of answering true need.

Okay, Let the Brain Back In
Once you have that connection, access the knowledge you have within your business. Answer some basic question people you help need answered. Continue to connect in with that neediness. Because you are writing (speaking) to that one heart you were shown, you are giving to that one heart.

Click Business Heart to read the full article.
"Business Heart article ©2009 Mark Silver, all rights reserved. Reprinted with permission. Twenty-eight free articles and other free resources and tools available online".
You can subscribe to Mark's articles at http://www.heartofbusiness.com/the-core

The heading of Mark's site says, "Heart of Business, when you want to make a difference but need to make a profit." I like that. He says, "I've helped hundreds of people in small business fully integrate their heart, integrity and spirituality into effective business practices." I'm definitely going to look at the resources on his site and consider him part of the 95% I didn't know last night.

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized; they die when neglected. Life is a long line of opportunities." - John Wicker

In Toastmasters International meetings, we rise to the challenge of Table Topics, a 1-2 minute unprepared speech on a subject chosen by the Table Topics Master. Some are easier than others. Some are downright sadistic! But we rise to the challenge, we learn and we grow. Some join Toastmasters to help them build confidence in work or social situations. Some of us want to speak in public. Some already are speakers and some speakers on the international circuit honed their skills with Toastmasters.

Mark's article refers not to filling 1-2 minutes with an unprepared speech but a whole 30 minutes and giving something to the audience by connecting with their need. That really is a challenge.

Antonia Harrison writes Personal Development in the 21st Century , a blog with articles, reviews, ideas, suggestions and downloadable free resources.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Two Choices We Face

"Two Choices We Face" - article by Jim Rohn

Each of us have two distinct choices to make about what we will do with our lives. The first choice we can make is to be less than we have the capacity to be. To earn less. To have less. To read less and think less. To try less and discipline ourselves less. These are the choices that lead to an empty life. These are the choices that, once made, lead to a life of constant apprehension instead of a life of wondrous anticipation.

And the second choice? To become all that we can possibly be! To read every book that we possibly can. To earn as much as we possibly can. To give and share as much as we possibly can. To strive and produce and accomplish as much as we possibly can. All of us have the choice.

To do or not to do. To be or not to be. To be all, or to be less.

Like the tree, it would be a worthy challenge for us all to stretch upward and outward to the full measure of our capabilities. Why not do all that we can, every moment that we can, the best that we can, for as long as we can?

Our ultimate life objective should be to create as much as our talent and ability and desire will permit. To settle for doing less than we could do is to fail in this worthiest of undertakings.

Results are the best measurement of human progress. Not conversation. Not explanation. Not justification. Results! And if our results are less than our potential suggests that they should be, then we must strive to become more today than we were the day before. The greatest rewards are always reserved for those who bring great value to themselves and the world around them as a result of who and what they have become.

© 2008 by Jim Rohn International. All Rights Reserved.


About the author: Jim Rohn (September 17, 1930 — December 5, 2009) was considered to be America's Foremost Business Philosopher, with a career that spanned over 40 years and touched the lives of over four million people worldwide. Internationally hailed as one of the most influential thinkers of our time, Rohn helped motivate an entire generation of personal development trainers as well as hundreds of executives from America's top corporations.

Click here for the tribute and links to a free ezine with valuable training from Jim Rohn plus a store offering all of his books, DVDs and CDs.

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Monday, 11 January 2010

My Gift of $4,570 in Quality Self-Development Tools

I'd like to give you a gift worth $4,570.

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Antonia Harrison from The Secret and Law of Attraction and Personal Development in the 21st Century .

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Will Your Relationships Bring You Abundance?

From: Millionaire Mommy Next Door's blog

I’m going to share something with you today that you really need to understand – on a gut level – before you can be rich and happy. Are you ready? Here it is:

Even if you learn ALL there is to know about money (how to make it, save it, invest it), if your relationships with others OR YOURSELF are dysfunctional, you will NEVER reach your full abundance potential.

I write to express myself and to share the steps I take to live a fuller, richer, happier life. By doing so, I actively practice my intentions and keep aligned on what is important to me. It brings a higher caliber of relationships into my life, and it gives me the strength to deal with the occasional curve ball thrown my way.

Here are some of the valuable lessons I’ve learned through the University of Hard Knocks:

We become the company we keep. Like attracts like. Be negative and you’ll attract negativity; be positive and you will attract positive relationships into your life.

Limit your exposure to toxic people. We all have them – friends, family or co-workers – that seem hell-bent on bringing us down to their level. Immunize yourself from their poison by maintaining healthy personal boundaries. Don’t be a martyr, learn to say no. When someone near you behaves badly, don’t engage with them — walk away if you must. Be a positive role model instead. Perhaps you’ll inspire them (when they are personally ready) by modeling a different, healthier attitude.

Envy and jealousy will get you exactly what you don’t want. Acknowledge these feelings, then release them and let go. Compare yourself not to others, but only to your best self.

Don’t be pressured into humility. Definitions of humble include: cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of low or inferior in station or quality marked by meekness or modesty. These definitions don’t fit with a healthy, positive self-esteem, do they?

Choose to use different language. The language you use directs your actions and therefore the path your life takes.

Avoid three dirty little words: try, can’t, and but.

When someone asks, “how are you?” don’t whine back, “I stepped in dog puke getting out of bed this morning, then I burned my toast, and now I gotta suffer through a dentist appointment…”. Instead, respond with something that is joyfully perfect in your world like, “I just had the best grilled cheese sandwich for lunch!”

Limit your exposure to mass media. Pull the plug on bad news. Be selective – record uplifting, humorous and educational programs and keep the boob-tube turned off otherwise. I don’t know who was murdered, what poor child was abducted and from where and who blew up how many people today, and you know what? I don’t want to know!

Focus on the bright side of life. I promise – there is always a bright side! What you think about is what you will get. Practice this skill by keeping a gratitude journal.

Stop looking in the rear view mirror. Live your life from this day forward.

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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Programme Your Mind For Success with Subliminal Videos

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Goals - Tips for Effective Goal Setting in 2010

“Want to make 2010 your best year yet?”
Go find a note pad and consider these questions…

Knowing what you want is the first step to getting it. Knowing what’s holding you back is the second step to making sure you get to keep it.

Write down your answers so you can see your progress later.

1. What do I want to achieve this year? Write down as many goals as you want in any area of your life, health, wealth, relationships, etc. If you are really stuck on even coming up with a goal, start by asking yourself if I could be, do or have anything in life, what would it be? Then select one goal that’s central to your overall plan. Determine the interim action steps it will take to get you there. (You can identify the last step and work back from there.) At the Breakthrough to Success weekend, you will be given the chance to put that very personal dream into your future in such a way that its fulfilment becomes almost effortless.

2. Ask yourself, is this something I have tried to achieve before and not been successful? For instance, has it been a New Year resolution in the past? Or on your To Do list for several years without completion or success?

3. If yes, ask yourself, what has stopped me in the past? This might include time, money, not having the right opportunities, lack of motivation, procrastination, lack of self belief, not knowing how to achieve it, or maybe you don’t know what has stopped you.

4. With regards to achieving your goals and following through on your plans, what patterns have you noticed occurring? For example, do you often put lots of energy and enthusiasm in at the start, then within a couple of weeks find you’ve lost motivation? Do you put off getting started for so long you just give up? Do you start too many projects at once, and end up overwhelmed and under-motivated? Identifying your unique patterns is key to changing them.

5. What about limiting beliefs? What you tell yourself can also stop you from achieving your most prized goals and visions. For example, if you have decided that this is the year you find the right relationship, believing that you are not worthy of love will sabotage your plans. If you told yourself that this year is the year you finally find the right job or start the business you’re passionate about, but you have an underlying belief that, “I’m not smart enough,” or “It’s impossible to find work in this market,” how motivated will you be? How effective? Listen to what you tell yourself about what you believe limits you.

6. If there were 2 important changes that need to occur in order for you to be totally successful and reach your goals, what would they be? E.g. Have more confidence in yourself? Be more creative? Break patterns of self-sabotage? Get over fear of speaking in public? Write down anything and everything that comes to mind. Most of them can be resolved at your Breakthrough to Success!

7. What help, support or resources do you need? This could be a mentor, additional skills, a ‘how to’ guide, a clear action plan, sounding board or someone to brainstorm with, etc. Identify what research you can do on your own and the resources you can obtain in the form of books, CDs, personal development. There are lots of free resources available such as the Breakthrough to Success event that will guide you to pinpoint what’s stopping you from achieving your goals. Take advantage of anything that teaches you the strategies and techniques that change limiting behaviours. This will set you on a clear course for success.

8. List 3 things you can do each day starting now to move forward with achieving your goals. Enlist the help of a friend, partner or coach. To establish your own accountability, tell them what you intend to do. This puts the power squarely in your hands to determine your results.

9. Take action daily and review your goals weekly. Many small steps towards your goal will move you towards the accomplishments you wish to attain.

10. Keep the top 3 goals written on a 3 x 5 card in your desk drawer or in your wallet and look at them once a day. Ask yourself, why do I want to achieve these goals? What will that give me or do for me? The "why" is your grander purpose and will motivate you to persist in taking action until it’s completed.

11. When you achieve a goal, celebrate! This is a great way to reward yourself for a job well done. It will anchor that wonderful sense of achievement within your psychology and physiology. This will only lead to building more and more success!

Remember, there are no limitations, except those that are self-created…and those you can change at Breakthrough to Success!

Contact Antonia Harrison at http://www.AntoniaHarrison.com for personalised coaching on goal setting and the powerful Strategic Visioning exercise to make your goals and dreams become reality. Individual hypnotherapy and/or NLP can help you overcome fears and limiting beliefs which are holding you back from the achievement you know you so richly deserve and desire. I'm here to help so tell me what you need.

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Monday, 4 January 2010

You Can't Direct the Wind but You Can Adjust the Sails

First of all, let's take a look at the meaning of the word "metamorphosis" and how it can possibly be of interest to our everyday life. Metamorphosis: Noun (plural metamorphoses - say metuh´mawfuhseez) … "the change of form, structure, or substance, as transformation; the structural or functional modification of a plant organ or structure during its development."

Applied to our everyday life, this does clearly suggest a process by which we can possibly transform our Self and adapt to an ever-changing and complex environment or marketplace with the clear intent to become and remain successful.

Sustainable success is what we are after! It's all about our personal growth and our ability to react to the multiple challenges of life. I am tempted to say it's all about the metamorphosis of tadpoles into leaping frogs! Identifying and aligning all the pieces of the complex puzzle life represents does take time, quite a bit of thinking and strong determination.

It also requires that we constantly reconsider and refine our approach, strategies and actions. Transforming ourselves has been a necessity since the dawn of humanity and it is not any different in the modern world: if we want to stay in business, we have to evolve.

Let's keep in mind that it is us who have to adapt to the environment or the marketplace and not the other way around.

This is a hard fact, it cannot be argued upon: no one can expect to win at any game without first knowing the rules and driving principles. Life is a serious game where it's possible to have a lot of fun. It has strict rules though. First we need to study the rules, master them, maybe break some and then comes the fun!

It takes time to fully master and successfully apply all the different rules and principles of life; the Great Pyramids of Giza were not built in a day after all.

It is a visible sign reminding us all of the astounding results that can be accomplished with vision, determination and persistence. This is exactly the same behavior we want to apply in our everyday life if we are to get results of the same magnitude.

What we have to do is study the founding principles of success and get better at applying them effectively in the real world: on the battlefield. It's a fact: we need to get better at mastering strategies and actions that lead to higher levels of success.

Regardless of our level of success, both individually and as a team, the number one critical success factor to accomplish this is determined by our ability to identify and process the information that will give us the leverage that we lack to reach the next step and thus enable greater success. As leaders, it will also depend on our ability to inspire others to act collaboratively in order to gain leverage, faster.

The most efficient and fastest way to increase our success is through the adoption of
behavioral patterns that will create more and more success for us. It pretty much works like a snowball effect: the first step is to get started to the best of our knowledge and abilities.

As Confucius used to say: "Even a long journey starts with one footstep..." - the most important thing is to get started, right now! Everything can always be improved in the course of time. That decision to get the ball rolling is ours to make, no one else can make it for us!

It is important to realise that states of mind and behavioral patterns are intimately connected and how much one does influence the other greatly; be it negatively or positively; the choice is ours! that is where lies our responsibility as co-creators, where lies our freedom to stretch and reach for the most magnificent dreams and live up to our full potential. In other words,revealing our grandeur as responsible human beings.

© 2007 by Christophe Poizat - All rights reserved

Think about it for a while and then if you feel inspired, step up, get the ball rolling, continue acting and correcting relentlessly and promise yourself to never stop doing it! Stick to it and you will be on your way to great accomplishments, always remember: You can't direct the wind but you can adjust the sails and shorten the journey leading to higher levels of success in your life.

Author Bio:
Christophe Poizat is a passionate entrepreneur on a mission, mentor, business coach, speaker,author with 20+ years of international consulting experience who has lived on four continents. More details available at http://christophepoizat.com
Christophe is the Founder/President & CEO of International Network of Social Entrepreneurs Inc., a global organization offering a Web 2.0 Global Communication platform, whose mission is to provide business education to entrepreneurs worldwide and inspire them to work collaboratively toward the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) thru the adoption of the triple bottom-line: People-Planet-Profits. More details available at: http://inse.groupsite.com

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