Monday, 4 January 2010

You Can't Direct the Wind but You Can Adjust the Sails

First of all, let's take a look at the meaning of the word "metamorphosis" and how it can possibly be of interest to our everyday life. Metamorphosis: Noun (plural metamorphoses - say metuh´mawfuhseez) … "the change of form, structure, or substance, as transformation; the structural or functional modification of a plant organ or structure during its development."

Applied to our everyday life, this does clearly suggest a process by which we can possibly transform our Self and adapt to an ever-changing and complex environment or marketplace with the clear intent to become and remain successful.

Sustainable success is what we are after! It's all about our personal growth and our ability to react to the multiple challenges of life. I am tempted to say it's all about the metamorphosis of tadpoles into leaping frogs! Identifying and aligning all the pieces of the complex puzzle life represents does take time, quite a bit of thinking and strong determination.

It also requires that we constantly reconsider and refine our approach, strategies and actions. Transforming ourselves has been a necessity since the dawn of humanity and it is not any different in the modern world: if we want to stay in business, we have to evolve.

Let's keep in mind that it is us who have to adapt to the environment or the marketplace and not the other way around.

This is a hard fact, it cannot be argued upon: no one can expect to win at any game without first knowing the rules and driving principles. Life is a serious game where it's possible to have a lot of fun. It has strict rules though. First we need to study the rules, master them, maybe break some and then comes the fun!

It takes time to fully master and successfully apply all the different rules and principles of life; the Great Pyramids of Giza were not built in a day after all.

It is a visible sign reminding us all of the astounding results that can be accomplished with vision, determination and persistence. This is exactly the same behavior we want to apply in our everyday life if we are to get results of the same magnitude.

What we have to do is study the founding principles of success and get better at applying them effectively in the real world: on the battlefield. It's a fact: we need to get better at mastering strategies and actions that lead to higher levels of success.

Regardless of our level of success, both individually and as a team, the number one critical success factor to accomplish this is determined by our ability to identify and process the information that will give us the leverage that we lack to reach the next step and thus enable greater success. As leaders, it will also depend on our ability to inspire others to act collaboratively in order to gain leverage, faster.

The most efficient and fastest way to increase our success is through the adoption of
behavioral patterns that will create more and more success for us. It pretty much works like a snowball effect: the first step is to get started to the best of our knowledge and abilities.

As Confucius used to say: "Even a long journey starts with one footstep..." - the most important thing is to get started, right now! Everything can always be improved in the course of time. That decision to get the ball rolling is ours to make, no one else can make it for us!

It is important to realise that states of mind and behavioral patterns are intimately connected and how much one does influence the other greatly; be it negatively or positively; the choice is ours! that is where lies our responsibility as co-creators, where lies our freedom to stretch and reach for the most magnificent dreams and live up to our full potential. In other words,revealing our grandeur as responsible human beings.

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Think about it for a while and then if you feel inspired, step up, get the ball rolling, continue acting and correcting relentlessly and promise yourself to never stop doing it! Stick to it and you will be on your way to great accomplishments, always remember: You can't direct the wind but you can adjust the sails and shorten the journey leading to higher levels of success in your life.

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Teresa said...

I agree, if we want to remain successful in business (or in anything we choose to do in life), we have to adapt to change and anything that comes our way. Stagnation just won’t do, because we learn nothing by staying still. The continuous improvement of our knowledge and skills gives us an edge in business and in life. Knowing that we are in control of adjusting our own paths and actions gives us the confidence to keep at it until we gain success.

P.S. Check out for more ideas on how to start your own business and remain successful to make and live more this 2010.