Friday, 30 September 2011

How To Attract Corporate Clients

Last week I sent off for Bernadette Doyle's "How to Attract Corporate Clients" home study course and must say it is excellent. I am listening to the CDs in my car which are well-recorded so easy to listen to. Bernadette is interviewed and the content she gives is so smart. She completely does her marketing in a different way to what is taught conventionally and it makes so much sense.

The course includes a very comprehensive manual with material she has used to build her own successful business which is now turning over $1 million per year. There are actual adverts and articles which brought her business, sample proposals, headline ideas and so much more. She also includes a couple of very useful special reports.

Bernadette learnt the hard and expensive way how not to look for business but rather become the person who businesses look for. We would all like to be in that category and Bernadette gives solid, practical advice which we can adapt to our own field.

There is no fluff here because she knows we do not have time to waste. Every five minutes spent on this course is time well invested. In fact, every few minutes I jot down an idea that I know I can put into practice.

I recommend you look at Attract Corporate Clients now before you waste any more time and money.

You can also access the recordings of the "Selling to Corporate Clients" telesummit with ten excellent speakers.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

135 Personal Development Audio Books for Immediate Download

If you're like me, you enjoy listening to inspirational, motivational and informative talks by people in the personal development world. I mean reading books is great but sometimes time does not permit us to read all the books we want. So listening to those books, or at least key parts of the books, is the next best thing. In fact, if we are auditory people, more than visual, listening to a book can be the best way to take in the information.

Many audio books are available to purchase, usually for anywhere from $10 upwards to maybe $50. I ordered one book by Stephen Covey, the classic "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" then decided that listening to the audio book in my car would be the quickest way to access the information. An audio book is available but another Google search lead me to a site which offers 135 audio books from many of the leading speakers in the personal development world. Here is the best part, these 135 audio books are available as immediate download MP3 files for just $27.95. That is $27.95 for all 135 titles. An amazing offer. I am busy downloading files as I write:

- Tony Robbins
- Zig Ziglar
- Stephen Covey
- Les Brown
- Wayne Dyer
- Louise L Hay
- Jim Rohn
- James Allen
- John Earl Shoaff (Jim Rohn's mentor!)
- Dale Carnegie
- Brian Tracy
- Norman Vincent Peale
- Robert G Allen

Famous titles:
- Rich Dad Poor Dad
- Think and Grow Rich
- The Four Hour Work Week
- The Richest Man in Babylon
- The Secret
- The Science of Getting Rich
- The Silva Method
- Who Moved My Cheese? (I read this book today.)

Several audio books on sex and relationships.

There are even meditation audios and hypnosis MP3 download from:
- Paul McKenna
- Wendi Friessen

Yes, some of these titles are freely available to download in the public domain but you have to hunt for them AND I bet there are titles here that don´t come to mind but will be hugely worthwhile.

So, if you want to listen to classic inspirational and motivational thoughts, visit Thanks2Net.Com If you want to test the site, there are three FREE downloads you can listen to immediately.

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Develop a Powerful Google Brand with Kerwin Rae

Would you like to learn how to develop a powerful Google brand in as little as 6 weeks? This is the webinar for you to be on...

Kerwin Rae, an internationally recognised expert in turning failing businesses into success stories is holding this one off webinar. He’s the guy that took a business that was losing $7 million dollars a year to making $500k in only 2 years.

Take your business to a new level with an unstoppable Google brand.

In this one off event he’s going to reveal exactly…

- How to get listed on as many as 2,000 websites in as little as 6 weeks.

- The 5 things you must do to get other people raving about you on their website as the expert in your field.

- Learn the 3 secrets of Google branding that will send an almost endless flood of qualified traffic your way.

- How to use your Google brand to get you ranked #1 on Google’s search results.

- Why your Google brand will give you FREE advertising on thousands of qualified sites, and

- How to outsource your entire Google brand strategy so other people reliably implement it for you. You get the new leads and positioning and you barely have to lift a finger or pay much at all.

A not to be missed webinar in 2011...

Visit Success Resources to register for this free webinar.

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Friday, 16 September 2011

Quotes on Time and Tasks Left Undone

"You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it." ~Charles Bixton

"A task left undone remains undone in two places - at the actual location of the task, and inside your head. Incomplete tasks in your head consume the energy of your attention as they gnaw at your conscience. They siphon off a little more of your personal power every time you delay. No need to be a perfectionist, but it's good to be a 'completionist.'

If you start it, finish it or forget it."
~ B. Kumaris

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Louise Hay I Can Do It in London

I CAN DO IT! London 2011

A Weekend Event: Friday 23rd– Sunday 25th September 2011


Louise Hay, Thomas Moore, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Cheryl Richardson, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Michael Neill, Ali Campbell, Lynne McTaggart, Vianna Stibal, Karl Dawson & Sasha Allenby.

Join us for the ultimate mind body spirit event featuring 13 of the world’s foremost inspirational authors and speakers!

Heal Your Life* Revitalise your Mind, Body and Spirit* Create Happiness*

Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishers, and author of "You Can Heal Your Life", established the first I Can Do It! event in the US five years ago as a forum for kindred spirits to gather, heal themselves and each other, and meet leading mind body spirit teachers. I Can Do It! is the type of event that will revitalize your soul, recharge your body and bring a sparkle back into your life. The event will be introduced by Louise Hay personally and Cheryl Richardson and Louise Hay will also give the closing keynote presentation. Inspirational lectures and workshops by bestselling authors Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and others will give you the chance to work personally with mind body spirit speakers from around the world.

Join us and be inspired!



Special Event – Film Premiere

There will be a complimentary film screening during the lunch break from 1.30pm - 2.30pm on Sunday 25th September. This will be an open screening and you are free to come and go and watch the film while eating your lunch. The film title will be revealed on the Hay House website in September. Until then it’s a surprise...


PASADENA 14-16 October 2011 Hay House, Inc.

TAMPA 11-13 November 2011 Hay House, Inc

Visit Personal Development in the 21st Century and The Secret and Law of Attraction .

Selling to Corporates Free Online Seminar

If you want to sell your products or services to the corporate world, then I highly recommend you join Bernadette Doyle as she hosts this first ever FREE online summit starting on Monday 12 September 2011.

Click Selling to Corporates

Bernadette Doyle is a single mum with two boys of 3 and 5 yet her online business is earning one million dollars a year. She has doubled her revenue in the last two years.

Bernadette has lined up 10 experts who know what they are talking about on the topic of winning business with Big Companies.

This promises to be an amazing event and I know Bernadette Doyle:Client Magnets always delivers. Register here: Selling to Corporates