Thursday, 3 May 2007

Networking through Ecademy

20 Reasons You Need to Strongly Consider Accepting My Invitation to Join Ecademy
Written by Billy McDermott, Director of DevelopmentNew Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) , author of an article on The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

1) Ecademy is a Social Networks Internet site. Social Networks is the hottest thing on the Internet now. Much like a dating site, where the goal is to meet a mate, this is a premiere business contacts site where you can still meet local people but enjoy the added benefit of developing many new worldwide relationships.

2) It took me 30 months to amass 2000 business contacts - going out morning, noon and night, shaking hands and meeting 3600 people. In less than two months I have met and developed 500 new relationships - all online from the comfort of my home.

3) People worldwide are interested in doing business with those in the New York area. You know things they don't know. They know things you don't know. There are many people who make healthy livings brokering business through two countries.

4) I now have contacts in 34 countries. One of my businesses is holding seminars. I can now do this through the magic of telecommunications holding worldwide tele-seminars.

5) The biggest players on Ecademy are the most connected on Ecademy. If you are interested in growing your influence on LinkedIn, join Ecademy and watch what happens.

6) In order to be successful with any social network, you must have a completed profile. How will people know if they don't know? Much like face-to-face networking, you must put some effort into it.

7) Ecademy is UK based. Very few in the United States are connected - YET. Some turn away. Others, like me, see opportunity. You can get noticed rather easily. There are about 40,000 people registered and 800 sign on as new members weekly. The growth is about to tip as LinkedIn did a few months ago.

8) Upon membership to Ecademy, you can join a club I moderate called "The Tipping Point," based on the book of the same name. There you can meet and conduct business with some of the most prominent and connected people on Ecademy.

9) I was able to become one of the top networkers on Ecademy in less than 50 days. I am ranked sixth in the US, 11th outside of the UK and 64th worldwide.

10) When you type the keyword "Ecademy," I am on the first or second page of Google.

11) Blogs are big today. Ecademy offers this feature.

12) You can publish articles.

13) You can advertise your goods and services in many appropriate and approved sections.

14) You can form your own clubs becoming communities within a community.

15) Statistics are available.

16) You can access your network. You can see others.

17) All your previous correspondence is archived for future reference.

18) Ecademy allows you post up to 50 keywords. Their search engine can be used to look for people "just like you."

19) You get your own profile page, which can become your corporate or personal web page.

20) For $14.95 per month, you should consider becoming a Power Networker, as it offers a host of services not offered otherwise. It also elevates your status and demonstrates to others you view networking as an important tool.


I joined Ecademy in April 2007 and have a growing network of people in many walks of life throughout the world. I have searched for people with various terms eg hypnosis, Belgium, Jim Rohn, Il Divo etc. and have a long list to go through.

Being a part of Ecademy is fun as well as useful.

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