Monday, 25 February 2008

FREE Tickets to Breakthrough to Success Seminar

Last weekend I attended the amazing "Breakthrough to Success" three-day seminar with Christopher Howard in Dublin.

I heard he was a master in hypnosis and NLP which are my fields of interest but I was not prepared for such a significant result. I made two major personal breakthroughs and shared the experience of seeing transformation in others. We worked on values, limiting decisions, negative beliefs and so much more.

We enjoyed three days of fun, energy, fast-paced and revolutionary education which is light years ahead in relation to the personal development programs of the past. Chris calls it the "fifth generation of personal development".

Now it is your turn to impact your life at Christoph Howard's incredible seminar with two FREE guest tickets worth £1,790. I can offer you these as I attended the seminar myself.

Join Chris to discover (and use) a set of remarkable cutting edge tools and techniques, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neurological Repatterning …

… techniques that literally have you TAPPING directly in to the power of your sub-conscious mind to create immediate and lasting change in ALL areas of your life …

… right then and there AT the seminar. It's exciting!

FREE Guest tickets for Christopher HowardThat's right. FREE. Normally two tickets valued at £1,790 are now yours for FREE. No catch.

Who Should Attend?
• Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
• Managers & Business Consultants
• Sales Professionals & Sales Managers
• Athletes
• Life Coaches & Executive Coaches
• Teachers, Trainers & Speakers
• Network Marketers
• Anyone who wants to achieve more in their life or career
• Anyone who feels that they're not living up to their full potential
• Anyone interested in learning more about the results that can be achieved with NLP
• Business leaders who want to create a catalyst for transforming the culture of their organization.
• People with ambition who want to get a promotion or simply enjoy their work a whole lot more

This weekend can bring you the breakthrough you have been looking for, whether in career, finances, relationships or health. I thought I had achieved significant work in seminars in the past until I attended this one in Dublin.

You may not know me but I hope you will trust me on this and just go.
Donald Trump said, "90% of success begins with just showing up".

If you want to attend the seminar in London (14-16 March) or Dublin (17-19 October), please make your travel arrangements through my EuroTravel site. You can book Eurostar on the and ferries page, compare flights from over 75 companies on by clicking on Wegolo and book your hotels on I saved €260 by booking my Dublin hotel (Mount Herbert) through GTA Hotels.

There are also seminars coming up in US, Australia and NZ.

I understand over 8,500 people have enrolled for London so can you imagine the energy and opportunities for networking?

Antonia Stuart-James
Personal Development in the 21st Century

P.S. Please forward this message to anyone you think will benefit. It is totally their choice whether they attend and it will definitely have a positive impact on their life.

3 comments: said...

Wish I could make it to this!

Antonia Stuart-James said...

What is stopping you Edward? People travel from all over the world to attend Christopher Howard seminars. I suggest you enrol on the site using the link so that they keep you informed of future seminars. That way you can make it happen. Chris says,
"It is never a question of resources. It is always a question of resourcefulness."

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