Thursday, 7 July 2011

free ebook - Affirmative Power - The Science of Affirmations

“If there was ever a single, powerful way to create change,
it would probably be through the use of affirmations” – Jack Roberts

Affirmations are the key to tapping into the magnificent abundance of the universe, and this book will show you how to open the lock.

Jack Roberts is giving away his new book to anyone who wants it. Go to his website to register and get your copy of "Affirmative Power - The Science of Affirmations".

One of the most influential books ever written,
(a book making a major impact
on the human potential field.)

During the all day launch party on 11 July, he will be breaking down the Science behind affirmations and show you the true powers that they hold. Get more info on his website at and spread the word about this powerful event.
FREE e-book Your Unlimited Self

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