Friday, 11 January 2008

What Will You Change to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions?

"To keep thinking the same way while expecting a different result is one definition of insanity." - Albert Einstein

Did you start the year with good intentions, make new year resolutions yet find you are already falling behind?

Typical resolutions are:
stop smoking, lose weight, drink less alcohol, earn more money, start or increase exercise, find time for relaxation or meditation, spend more time with the kids, read a book a week, learn a new language or skill, write a book etc.

The problem is that the year may have changed from 2007 to 2008 but what changed in you? Unless you reach the point where the pain of continuing the old behaviour is greater than the pleasure received, you will not change. It is the pain and pleasure syndrome.

You know you want to lose weight but it is so easy to pretend that your jeans shrank in the wash and slop around in stretchy sport joggings. Perhaps even buy the next size and claim that the shop has its sizes wrong! It is only when your trousers cut in to you, making it painfully uncomfortable that your decision to change will really take effect.

“Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside”.

It is human nature to live in a comfort zone and not push outside it. The zone is a bit elastic allowing for movement but it has the most cushioning in the middle. Why make yourself uncomfortable? Why go out in the cold to exercise when it is far more comfortable indoors with a hot chocolate? Why bother learning a new language when everyone speaks English anyway?

Why? Because you are growing, you are disciplining yourself to do and achieve what you said you would do. The feeling of satisfaction has to come from within, not just from a tangible result or recognition from others. It is going to bed at night pleased with yourself, no longer making excuses.

I often see people on TV laughing in shame and embarrassment at something they failed to do. It is not funny. Better to be someone who can hold their head up and say, "I did what I needed to do to achieve my goal."

"The question of success is not will it?... Or even will there be... Or even will it ever?... The question is... Will you?" - Doug Firebaugh

I wish you the best year ever and determination and willingness to make uncomfortable changes in your life to get to where you want to be.

© Antonia Stuart-James 2008