Thursday, 30 July 2009

Balancing Your Life Teleseminar Today

Balancing Your Life:
How to get more done with less effort and other time-saving tips
Teleseminar with Masha Malka and Rick Frishman

My friend, Masha Malka, is offering this teleseminar today and believe me, whatever Masha says is worth listening to.

Visit Balancing Your Life teleseminar.

Are you functioning at your maximum standard of living?
- Do you want to get more from life?
- Do you want to give more back?

At today's pace of life, with so many responsibilities, attractive options, demands, and distractions, balance may feel like an impossible dream. Yet, nobody likes to feel out of balance,and living a balanced life is integral to functioning at your highest standard of living.

Many people are so passionate about what they are doing, so focused on their commitment, and so involved in their work, that one part of their lives is a model of excellence, while the rest is in ruin.

Many people understand the value of balance and have probably made numerous attempts to achieve it, with good intentions to exercise more, or take a little time off, or to reconnect with friends, but then they find that weeks or months pass without any action.

Join Masha Malka for the Balancing Your Life: how to get more done with less effort teleseminar where you will learn how to:

- Use procrastination to your advantage
- Use the Magic Wand Technique to help you prioritize
- Create an effective TO DO list with five easy steps
- Set up the Prime-Time Hour to complete your creative work
- Eliminate time-robbers such as worry, negative self-talk and fears
- Deal with the information overload
- Be in control of your time and your life

The seminar is today, 30 July, 3 pm EST/8 pm UK.

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Antonia Harrison from Personal Development in the 21st Century

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