Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Turn Your Event Into A Money Machine

Bernadette Doyle's “Event Money Machine 2” began on Monday, 7 February.

I am so excited about this event for several reasons!

1. The results from the original “Event Money Machine” were just outstanding, and I’ve been hearing rave reviews ever since.

2. Bernadette has leveraged her expertise to the get the Best Event Marketing Gurus IN THE WORLD to divulge their best-kept secrets on turning events into money machines.

Bernadette, who specializes in attracting clients like a magnet, offered a similar event this past October, to rave reviews and excellent results – so excellent, in
fact, that she’s doing it again, starting Monday, 7 February! A dozen of the TOP marketing experts worldwide will come together in cyberspace to offer information about how you can make money from live events like seminars, workshops and training courses.

This event is completely unique because it focuses specifically on making your event successful.

Here’s just part of the star-studded lineup:

Bernadette Doyle, Tom Terwilliger, Bob Oros, Callan Rush, Travis Greenlee, Carolyn Blunt, Stephen Beck, Leesa Barnes, Jeremie Miller and Andy Harrington.

It’s a global Who’s Who of Marketing.

And here’s just a sampling of what they’ll cover:

*How honesty can potentially hurt your event and business planning process … and how you can turn this completely on its head!
*How past successes can undermine your future success, and how to stop that cycle in its tracks.
*How to know whether you should speak about that topic you’ve been considering.
*The top 3 reasons business owners fail when trying to get a paid speaking engagement.
*How to most effectively use “word of mouth marketing” to fill your next workshop.
*A magical, 4-step process to triple your results through email marketing.
*An automated method of turning live webinar trainings into a ton more cash.
*How to “train” your audience to purchase your service packages from your live simulcast.
*6 steps to building a strong offering for your audience.
*The single most powerful mindset shift you must make to be extremely successful.

I’ve heard Bernadette speak before, and I know she knows her stuff. Plus, I know that she wouldn’t put together an event that wasn’t different, amazing, and completely powerful. Plus, you can tell from the event line-up that the other top names in marketing take her seriously, too – so trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to learn exactly what it takes to turn your event into a powerhouse.

Click here for Event Money Machine 2

When I heard Bernadette speak in November 2009, she was earning $30,000/month. Just 15 months later, she is turning over $ 2-3 million a year. All this while being a mum of two young children. She knows what she is talking about and is sharing this information all this week along with the advice of other marketing experts.

Don't miss it.

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