Friday, 6 July 2007

Success University

The monthly Success University mailing arrived today along with two gifts:

CD "Think and Win Big" - Johnny Wimbrey (value $39)
DVD "The Success Interview" - Brian Tracy & Denis Waitley (value $69)

These are in addition to the online courses we can take as students of Success University. I am currently registered for these courses:

"Increasing Your Success University Traffic" (completed)
"The Power to Create" - Jerry Clark
"Secrets of a Sales Super-Star" - Brian Tracy
"Conquer Fear" - Lisa Jimenez
"How Pay Per Click Advertising Works" - Mike Filsaime
"Using Overture - Part 1" - Mike Filsaime
"Train Wreck To Triumph" - Teri Devine
"Food Combining For Health and Longevity" - Dr Wayne Pickering
"Live Out Loud" (wealth creation coaching)
"Maximize Your Metabolism" - Christopher Guerriero
"Spirit of Abundance" by Suzie Humphreys

Student membership of Success University costs just $49.95 per month (+ P&P for the mailing) which is money well invested.

Antonia Stuart-James is a member of Success University.

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