Saturday, 7 July 2007

Touching the Void

We watched an amazing film last night about two young mountaineers, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, who attempted to climb an unconquered mountain in Peru, Suila Grande. They reached the summit but Joe's leg was shattered on the way down leaving his friend with a life-changing decision. As the two narrate their story,we know that they both survived but are not prepared for the how.

It is a harrowing story but one which reiterates how the human spirit keeps going and finds another ounce of determination and inner strength when it would be easier to give in to the elements and end the struggle to survive.

Forget firewalking. These two men should now believe they can do anything. Review
"To describe Touching the Void as a mountaineering documentary would be to do this breathtaking drama an injustice. By intercutting narration from the climbers themselves with a nail-biting reconstruction of their remarkable adventure in the Peruvian Andes, the film has the best of both genres: the authentic stamp of factual storytelling and the edge-of-the-seat tension of a dramatic movie.

The story of Simpson's almost superhuman fortitude has become legendary in climbing circles, and even for viewers uninterested in mountaineering, Touching the Void is an astonishing slice of real-life drama, magnificently retold".

The DVD is presented anamorphic widescreen which makes the most of the glorious vistas and Dolby 5.1 sound:

Watch the film and let it inspire you to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Antonia Stuart-James is an English Hypnotherapist in Belgium.

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