Thursday, 16 August 2007

Talk to Yourself

How much time do you spend talking to yourself in a positive, caring and supportive way and how much time in a destructive, negative way?

Did you know that on average as much as 94 percent of your inner dialogue tends to be about your problems - the things you fear, your worries, the people you're angry at and other concerns?

I recently came upon this statistic and it surprised and upset me. It upset me because I believe that what we think about and focus on most of the time is what we attract into our lives. No wonder so many people are still dreaming about their ideal life rather than living it!

The more I thought about this the more I realized that I should not really be surprised since I come across this situation constantly when working with people. In fact, from my experience, replacing negative self-talk with a supportive and positive one is the first and most important step towards achieving your goals and dreams.

1. First, become aware of how you talk to yourself by putting a rubber band around your wrist. Every time you catch yourself being negative (saying things such as, “What is wrong with me?” “I am such an idiot”, “I am not smart enough”; “I am too old for this now”; “I am so fat and ugly”… you get the idea) pull the rubber band and snap your wrist. This is an excellent conditioning technique that works wonders when it comes to awareness and elimination of negative self-talk!

2. Once you become aware of the negative things you say to yourself, replace them with positive and supportive words. Be loving and kind to yourself and consciously keep your inner dialogue consistent with what you wish to accomplish.

3. Use affirmations to help you program yourself to be positive. Here are some good examples:

I like myself!
I can do it!
I am the best!
Come up with your own as well and repeat them often, especially when feeling insecure or when struggling with making a decision.

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