Tuesday, 21 August 2007

What Would You Change Right Now?

" What would you change right now, if you knew you could only succeed?!"

That is quite a challenging question because it is so much safer to sit in our comfort zone and not change anything, often from an underlying sense of failure.

But what if,
1. You could cold call that company because they want to say yes to your product or service?
2. You could enrol on that language course because your natural ability to learn languages will shine leading you to fast fluency?
3. You could take up a new sport or creative hobby knowing that you will be good at it?
4. You could pick up the phone and ask someone on a date then find they have been secretely hoping you would call?
5. You could decide to finally stop smoking because this time you will stop.
6. You could start a weight loss and fitness programme because you will find a new sense of achievement and commitment.

So what makes you think you are going to fail anyway? How will you know if you do not take the decision to change and show commitment?

"We all die, the question is how many of us live?"

Take a chance on change.

© Antonia Stuart-James 2007

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