Monday, 26 January 2009

Roger Hamilton: Only Eight Ways to Wealth in 2009

With the current economic climate most people are confused on how to progress their business forward in 2009. Many are spending their time & energy in the wrong areas and it is costing them vast sums in lost opportunities.

The biggest challenge for business owners over the next 12 months is:
> knowing what to focus on,
> who they should have in their team, and
> how to leverage resources, time, energy and money in the most cost-effective and profitable way.

Roger Hamilton introduces a highly strategic way to organise yourself and your resources in 2009, to achieve more and enjoy more personal satisfaction.

Internationally acclaimed entrepreneur clearly explains why ...
All of the world's greatest entrepreneurs have built their wealth in only one of eight ways...

Each style (of which only one is yours) has a set of rules and many of the rules are opposite.

Which of the 8 types of wealth creators are you?
Are you following the right rules for your game?
Do you even know what game you should be playing?
Do you have the right team around you?
Roger Hamilton created "Wealth Dynamics" for Entrepreneurs
It isn't dry or academic, it is a powerful way of thinking that is unlocking the potential in business owners all over the world and helping them to outperform the expectations of the current market. This tool helps your business stay lean and focused on value (translation: profitable).

Roger Hamilton is a leading entrepreneur in South-East Asia who heads up nine companies across 14 countries around the world. In property, child care, publishing and resorts, he is also a best-selling author and has spoken to over 100,000 people.

Roger will help you identify the critical areas you need to focus on, the tasks you need to delegate and most importantly how to effectively create the teams around you to take your game to the next level.

This event is not to be missed
This event is a must for anyone who believes that true wealth is created through investing your time wisely, as well as your money.

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Roger Hamilton at a glance...

Owner of Singapore's largest Entrepreneurs Magazine
Owner of a private resort in Bali
Owner of Singapore's largest Expat Real-Estate Rental Company
International Best-Selling Author
Chairman of Asia's Largest entrepreneurs network
Champion Rower at Cambridge University

This enigmatic, serial entrepreneur has taken the global stage in the last 5 years. Arriving in Singapore in 1997, Roger Hamilton set up several publishing businesses in the booming real-estate markets of Asia. He later augmented his empire with events and other media.

Today, Roger Hamilton is also a best selling author. He writes his books at his resort in Bali while gaining inspiration from the stories in his magazines (Roger is the publisher of the largest magazine dedicated to social enterprise). His is the quintessential modern entrepreneur - high flying, well read, well connected and socially aware.

Recently Roger took a group of 60 highly successful business owners on a trip through India. "We have very special skills, talents and resources as entrepreneurs, with a power to create more comes the power to contribute more" says this thought provoking entrepreneur.

His message runs a lot deeper than just business strategy, Roger addresses the big issues that are on the minds of every great thinker and doer.

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Roger will also be in
Manchester - 3 FEB 2009
Scotland - MON 16 MAR 2009
Bristol - TUE 17 MAR 2009
Birmingham - WED 18 MAR 2009
Central London - THU 19 MAR 2009

What others are saying about Roger Hamilton:

If you want to understand wealth. If you want to know the rules of the game. If you want to develop your strategy to win. Then look no further.
Clive Taylor, Director, Sesai Consulting, UK

In one evening session I realised that the business model I was creating was 100% wrong for me. Roger showed me the business model I needed to succeed. He saved me 10 years of stress and heartache!
Ann Andrews, Immediate Past National President of NSANZ, NZ

Roger Hamilton has stunning, fresh insights into wealth that I'd just never come across before, anywhere. I got incredible value and I learned SO much. And so will you!
Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Roger has got closer to understanding the spirit and essence of wealth creation than any other thought leader in the twenty-first century. He is a gifted and generous teacher who is changing the fortunes of many, many people.
Adrian Gilpin, Chairman, Institute of Human Development, UK

Roger is one of the most fun & inspiring people I have met. His simple story telling style hides many insights. Many of which I have benefited from. This is one guy who needs to be better known around the world!
Akhil Shahani, Director, The Shahani Group, India

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