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Samantha Backman and Gertrude Matshe in London

Acclaimed global speakers Samantha Backman and Getrude Matshe, two amazing women, will be appearing together in the UK for the first time ever. They will be in London on 24 November and in Chorley on 1 December.

This is an experience not to be missed.

Three reasons why this event is special:

Laugh while you learn:
Samantha Backman is a hilarious stand-up comic, having appeared throughout Australasia, and lately, introducing her out-of-the-box blend of worldly-wise female Aussie humour - and serious business experience - to American audiences. She's a homo-toxicologist, an international businesswoman, social entrepreneur, TV and radio host and is Australia's most successful global TV talk show host beaming her provocative and inspiring "A Bloody Brilliant Life" into 52 countries in India, Indonesia, the US and Middle East. This homo-toxicologist, international businesswoman, social entrepreneur, TV and radio host has helped millions of 3rd world women through her ground-breaking approach to health and sexuality.

She is the CEO & founder of many companies in the health industry, is the creator of the wealth template, the heart beat of wealth and is a very active humanitarian. Now, the multi-talented, mother of four, mega-successful, 'pull no punches' CEO who has Oprah knocking on her door, is in the UK to débuting her latest invention 'The Mango Juicer'. Introduced as a kitchen utensil, 'The Mango Juicer' is changing the lives of women all over the world in more ways than you can imagine.

The Mango Juicer was developed by Samantha in response to the abhorent practice of Female Genital Mutilation, (FGM), still widely practised throughout the world.

Proceeds from the sale of the Mango Juicer support The Waris Dirie Foundation and Forward UK. These organizaitons exists to safeguard human rights and dignity and to stop Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as well as The Africa Alive Education Foundation which provides education, health and family support services for HIV positive children, AIDs orphans and young adults in rural and impoverished communities in Zimbabwe.

Be inspired: Getrude Matshe was key speaker at Akasha in London, Summer 2007. She has an amazing story to tell of the life's struggles that led to her entrepreneurial success. Who else do you know that has moved from an IT career to property to Hollywood talent agent? Through her charity, the Africa Alive Education Foundation, she is changing the lives of thousands of HIV and AIDS orphans in Africa. Both women have inspired audiences around the globe with their ability to merge their business acuity with making a profound difference.

From her homeland in Zimbabwe to her multi-million dollar property portfolio, Getrude's story will move you to tears of sadness and joy. Combining enthusiasm with an energetic speaking style, Getrude Matshe is a fascinating motivational and inspirational speaker.

Described as "a vibrant bundle of African energy, a human dynamo whose drive, zest and passion for life inspires everyone she meets."

Married and the mother of three children, Getrude is an African storyteller, a poet, an artist, an author, an entrepreneur and the founding director of three successful businesses in New Zealand.

Her extraordinary ability to manifest her dreams into reality can only be described as the way of the wizard Merlin; for she has the Midas touch and everything she touches turns to gold.

But what makes Getrude’s personal life so intriguing?

* She currently looks after 150 children from her immediate family. Her grand mother had 34 grand children, 19 of them have died from HIV leaving an average of 4-8 children parentless.
* The World Health stats show that there are 40 million Aids infected people in the world and 30 million of them are in Africa - there are 15 million HIV orphans in Africa alone.
* A life expectancy of a Zimbabwean female is now 32 and 34 for a male. She just turned 39 last year and has lived past her die-by-date…
"An African woman is the lowest in the food chain. She labours all day, gathering water and firewood, preparing food, tending to the family and at the end of her life she will amount to very little. She has no recognition, no rights and no voice ...

...this life has given me so many gifts and I have a voice. Now my mission in this life is to be her voice too" - Getrude Matshe

On the 2nd of April 2007, 60 people crammed into a small hall in London to hear Getrude speak. Her story touched people on many levels. Her beginnings, her business success, her writing, her influence and her giving stirred people at their core.

By the end of her presentation the atmosphere was electric. One of the people in the audience asked "how can we get more people to hear this powerful message?"

It is an honour for XL Manchester to present Getrude Matshe for the first time. Her reputation has preceeded itself in the XL Life Member network and beyond. She has created a ripple of inspiration everywhere she goes, and her presence is not to be missed.

Here's what Thomas Power, Ecademy Chairman says about Getrude:
"Getrude is changing the world person by person and is one of the finest public speakers and actors I have ever seen. I look forward to her life story becoming an Oscar winning movie. The world needs an army of Getrude's."

This is an evening you'll remember and be talking about for weeks, combining hilarity, business lessons and inspiration.

Seating is limited and will fill quickly, so book now . . . and bring a friend (or two)

On 24 November in London, enjoy a mango themed party: Hosted aboard the HMS President, a stunning heritage ship moored on Victoria Embankment, you will experience a extraordinary presentation by Samantha and Getrude and you'll have an opportunity to mix and mingling with awesome people as you enjoy delicious canapés, mango cocktails, mango treats and many surprises! £20 includes canapés and mango cocktail on arrival.

HMS President (1918) Heritage Ship
King's Reach, Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y 0HJ
Closest Tubes: Temple or Blackfriars Station

They will be at The Pines Hotel, Chorley, PR6 7ED on 1 December. Book here for Chorley. Free entrance for XL members.

Getrude will also be holding a visioneering workshop next week called "The Visioneering Toolbox", with a choice of dates and times between 26 and 29 November. Tickets and information at

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