Sunday, 30 November 2008

Spiritual Partnership

From The Seat of the Soul: Inspiring Vision of Humanity's Spiritual Destiny by Gary Zukav:

There are certain growing dynamics that can occur only within the dynamic of commitment. Without commitment you cannot learn to care for another person more than yourself. You cannot learn to value the growth of strength and clarity in another soul, even if that threatens the wants of your personality. When you release the wants of your personality in order to accommodate and encourage another's growth, you attune yourself to that person's soul Without commitment, you cannot learn to see others as your soul sees them - as beautiful and powerful spirits of Light.

The archtype of spiritual partnershp - partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth - is emerging within our species. This is different from the archetype of marriage which was designed to assist physical survival and in which the partners do not necessarily see themselves as equals. When individuals enter into a marriage, the ability of each to survive physically is enhanced.

The archetype of spiritual partnership reflects the conscious journey of multisensory humans toward authentic power. Spiritual partners recognize the existence of the soul and consciously seek to further its evolution. They recognize nonphysical dynamics at work within the world of time and matter. They consciously cocreate their experiences with each other, with an alive Earth that loves Life very much and with a compassionate Universe.

When an individual invokes the energy of the archetype of spiritual partnership, not only the partnership that it forms with another individual is affected, but also its community, nation and the global village. Your decision to evolve consciously through responsible choices contributes not only to your own evolution, but also to the evolution of all of those aspects of humanity in which you participate. It is not just you that is evolving through your decisions, but the entirety of humanity.

When you commit to a spiritual partnership with another human being, you bring the energy of the archetype of spiritual partnership into the physical arena. You begin to form and to live by the values, perceptions and actions that reflect equality with your partner and a commitment to his or her spiritual development and your own. You begin to set aside the wants of your personality in order to accommodate the needs of your partner's spiritual growth and, in doing that, you grow yourself. That is how spiritual partnership works.

You begin to see that what is necessary to the health of your partnership is identical with what is necessary to your own spiritual growth, that each of you holds the pieces that the other is missing. You begin to value your partner's contribution to your development. You experience that his or her perceptions and observations are helpful and, indeed, central to your growth, that conversations between you stir deep waters.

You learn the roles of love and commitment and trust in making your partnership work. You learn that love alone is not enough, that without trust, you are not able to give and to receive the love that both of you have for each other. You learn that your commitment must be translated into a form that satisfies the needs of both you and your partner. You learn to value the needs of your partner as much as you value your own, because the partnership that you both want requires two healthy and inwardly secure individuals.

You learn to trust not only each other, but also your ability to grow together.

You learn not to do stupid and careless things to each other. You learn that wanting what you want is not enough, but that you must both want it deeply and create it every day, that you must bring it into being and hold it in being with your intentions. As the consciousness of each of you becomes lighter, your partnership becomes richer.

You see each other as spiritual playmates as you work through the areas that require healing in each of you.

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