Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Visualise Your Goals: Ready, Set, Go!!!

One of the biggest challenges we all face is the ability to consistently concentrate on our goals, our aspirations, our career, our dreams. With all of the many tasks and obstacles we encounter each and every day, how do we keep on our toes, and focused on all of those? I know I do, let me share with you one of my favourite techniques!

Ok, so, think of a particular goal of yours – now, you have it? Great! Do you find it hard to stay on the path? As we previously discussed, one of the best ways for you to stay on the path is to actually know why you are on that path.

You may be thinking, “Of course I know why I’m doing this.” But, sometimes with the daily distractions of life, you can lose focus. You don’t think about it anymore, because you’re getting stuck in the daily thing. You may still be on the right track, which is great news, but you just can’t see the light anymore.

One way to keep motivated is to consistently remind yourself of why you started this in the first place. I’m a very visual person, and I actually create a vision board to help me stay focused on my own end goals. Basically the concept is to put your passions, your dreams and your goals onto this board. Tear out pictures, phrases from magazines and newspapers – whatever you see that inspires you or means something to you. Then take a big piece of paper and paste them on there to create this vision board of your dreams.

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If you have these visual reminders, it’s actually like you are refocusing. You can even use things that you’ve written about your passion and your dreams, or pictures or video that you’ve taken.

But as long as you do this visual reminder on a frequent basis, you can’t help but stay focused. It will refresh your memory, recharge your passion and refocus your energies.

So, use that vision board whenever you need inspiration. Whatever fire is inside of you will always stay connected because you will have a physical look at why you’re doing that particular thing you were thinking of! ;-)

Visualise Your Goals: Ready, Set, Go!!!

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